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Sovereignty Requires Depth – Part 2

In Part One, I presented a perspective that the Covid-19 crisis handed us a golden opportunity to explore and create a sustainable reclamation of our human sovereignty. I recommend reading Part One if you have not done so.

It is important to clarify what I mean by human sovereignty, as that question came up from a few readers. The most heartfelt way to capture it, is to reference a famous quote by Viktor E. Frankl, the famed Austrian Holocaust survivor who wrote Mans Search for Meaning:

“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances,

to choose one’s own way.”

No sharper definition of individual sovereignty has ever been spoken in my opinion.

I also stated in Part One that reclaiming individual sovereignty requires exploiting the spaciousness of time provided by the lock down, to reconnect to our inner voice and truth. We do so by developing a discipline of conducting a deep, penetrating and calm inquiry of our true desires, values and beliefs. Through this inquiry we fortify our resolve to walk freely and with dignity through the firestorms of life. We choose our own way versus having it chosen for us.

As Viktor Frankl modeled in the harshest and most brutal circumstances one can imagine, this world can take away everything else, but it cannot steal from us the final freedom. The power to choose your response. We can give this freedom away. But it cannot be taken against our will.

For myself, this means never surrendering away the sovereignty to choose love over fear. This has become the ultimate and core deciding factor in everything I respond to or create. I often forget. I often fail. And I sometimes override it, just to convince myself I am right, and someone else is wrong. Yet it is firmly entrenched as my prime life directive no matter how many times I fall short.

To even attempt to pull off a prime life directive is not something that happens easily and naturally. In fact, the odds of pulling it off are greatly stacked against us from the moment we are born. This planet, quite frankly, loves to program us and dull us down. Why this is I do not have a clue. All the evidence I see supports this observation. What if life is merely a test to see how committed a heavily densified soul can be to maintaining its divine sovereignty within extreme polarization?

There have been many in the past, as well as many currently living, who have powerfully demonstrated the path of actual day to day sovereignty. The predominant traits these past and modern-day sages share is the practice, desire and devotion to connect to the source field from which their sovereignty arises. They are masters of focus and awareness.

They invest the time and effort to unbiasedly explore the beliefs, paradigms and cultural stigmas the rest of us swear are undeniable truths; inherited truths imbedded through societal interaction and assimilation. A truly sovereign persons goal is not about proving a point, but rather coming into alignment with their own inner divine authority versus the authority of others. I suppose in some ways they are the original conspiracy theorists based on their penchant to consistently challenge norms and cultural narratives.

The question I offer up to you dear reader, and I ask with deep respect and love for you, is what is the current state of your existing prime life directive? I passionately believe we all entered life with one carefully crafted. And I also believe that the moment the doctor slapped us on the back, 99 percent of our conscious memory of it was erased. Why was the 1 percent left? Perhaps that small percentage is the still quiet voice that never stops reminding us of the authority of our sovereign nature.

Here is the real game changer question. Are you willing to follow the call of that still quiet voice to reclaim your sovereignty in the onslaught of daily suppression, manipulation, and yes, agendas that enslave the gift and right of human dignity? I am not pulling any punches here. We stand in a historic cosmic moment. And the call for Warriors of Light has never been louder. But sovereignty requires depth.

How uncomfortably deep are you willing to take it? You are a powerful sovereign being. It is my honor to stand with you in your power, strength and freedom.

All My Love ~ Tom


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