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Honor Your Inner Pace

One of the more underrated and ignored elements of truly living the path of Love is one's inner pace in life. Whenever I find myself out of sorts or in resistance with what is being presented to me in the world, I consistently find I am out of alignment with the natural pace my human character is scripted for.

By one's life pace, I am referring to the internal speed in which I engage, process, function, act, think, and in general, deal with the ebb and flow of daily life. I suggest we enter the world with an internal pacing disposition designed to optimize not only our our practical ability to create but also our enjoyment of the creative process. The more consistently we operate within our natural pace zone the more effortlessly and joyfully we experience life.

To discover one's divinely inspired pace is actually a very simple process. Merely pay close attention to those moments in life when what you are doing is effortless, inspiring, deliciously joyful, and time stands still. Whatever pace is flowing through you in that moment IS your unique and optimal life pace. The more you attune with that pace in all that you do, your engagement with life will be highly fulfilling and productive.

Step one is to become keenly aware of your pace. The next level of awareness is to learn to stay within that pace despite all demands by the world to alter it. I have discovered that the moment I deviate from my natural pace for extended periods of time life denigrates into complexity, confusion, and struggle.

The ego loves to manipulate us by accelerating or decelerating the pace. This is especially true when we are in human relationships. Often we alter our pace to seek the approval of another by adapting to their pace. I have been very prone to this in business relationships where fast pacing is deeply admired as a measure of success and value. My natural pace is much different than what is demanded in the business world. I now know that to operate for long stretches outside my divine pace is a recipe for trouble. My greatest success has always arisen when I honor my inner pace.

When I am in any type of relationship, I consider it extremely important to be highly aware of the pacing gap. Once I have made my best assessment of the gap (which requires a deep trust of my intuition) I then become highly vigilant of all commitments and promises I make, taking into account the pacing differential. This is not a science. It is an art for it requires honoring your pace while balancing the needs and requests of all involved.

Short bursts of altering one's pace is possible and quite helpful. The True Self is quite adaptable as needed. Yet, if the adjustment becomes long term we eventually lose access to our optimal gifts and talents. The advice I offer here is to not promise something that you know will take you into an extended period of abusing your natural life pace. I assure you it will exhaust you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

I hope you find practical and life enhancing value in this message. I welcome your comments and questions.

With Love ~ Tom

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