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Love - The Prime Precondition

We live in a world that teaches us to create preconditions that establish a solid foundation for that which we desire to bring about. For example, if we wish to grow a strong community we might start by establishing key values, intentions, and a clear vision or mission. If our dream is to start a new business, it might be wise to start with a well thought out business, marketing and financial plan.

Powerful preconditions greatly assist the direction, experience, and outcome of any life adventure. Yet, how often do we take the time to examine the preconditions that form the foundation for our life in general? And to go one step further. Have you ever wondered what is the Prime Precondition focus of your life?

Chances are good that you can rattle off some of the preconditions that guided you in choosing your career path, finding a life partner, raising your children, etc. But what is it that you turn to when addressing life's most pressing challenges?

Your initial response to this question might include concepts like a good education, an excellent reputation, being financially prudent, or maintaining impeccable integrity. Without question, these are all excellent and cherished precondition candidates. I highly acknowledge and celebrate each one. But if I were to ask you to narrow your choice down to one precondition that trumps them all, what would yours be?

Again there are many highly qualified candidates...such as equality, openness, compassion and service. But even deeper than these is one that, in my modest bias, is the precondition from which all existence arises, That precondition is Love. I have never experienced nor can my mind fathom a condition that is more all-encompassing, all-inclusive, and all-transcending than Love.

What if all your actions in life started from the essence of Love? What if who you choose to Be each day was set in motion from this Prime Precondition? What if this Prime Directive of Love was deemed unconditional, meaning that regardless of what and who you encounter in life each moment, you respond not from the fear dominated ego-mind, but from the unshakable and mysterious perspective of Love....regardless of any personal cost this choice brings about?

How would your life be different if you were 100% devoted to being Unconditional Love? Another way of saying this...what if you were 100% devoted to the one Truth that has always been and will always be the only Truth?

Please don't gloss over these questions. Take a moment and allow them to sink in. Explore them with your heart and soul. This is not an inquisition demanding a ripping apart of your interior mental world. It is an invitation to sit softly and venture inwardly with the gentleness of a feather floating in the air. You see, Love is always who we Truly are. There is nothing we must do to build/create/improve/expand our Love potency. It always has a Five-Star rating within Universal Consciousness regardless of our psychological and emotional stories, lies, and illusions.

All that has happened is we have fallen asleep to who we Truly are. And as we awaken, assisted by a devotion to the Prime Precondition of Love, we begin to "see through" the illusory thoughts, beliefs and stories that block the Light of Love from entering the dream of separation that haunts us.

With Love and Devotion ~ Tom LaRotonda

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