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Mentoring Process

Informal - No Contract - Simple - Donation Based

For the past 20 years, I have worked one on one with people from all walks of life helping them to live a more fulfilling, engaged and contributory life. I founded Core Matters, a personal transformational leadership organization, in 2002 after a long and successful career as a corporate culture change leader.


As an entrepreneur I created and delivered numerous group self awareness coaching programs that deepened the participant’s relationship with their True Self. The Mastery of Love program became Core Matters flagship offering, creating radical breakthroughs in the lives of many (see testimonials below).


In 2017 I semi-retired to have more time for other life goals, while still offering  unique and individualized spirituality focused mentoring conversations for anyone who truly desires to break free from their lifelong patterns of conditioned living and thinking. 


I decided to offer my services at a fee that you determine. You make a donation based on your financial situation and experience from our talk. I am here to be readily available to serve those who find my style and expertise in alignment with their Soul.


We work one conversation at a time. I no longer expect nor do long term commitments. You do follow up sessions per your needs and inner guidance. Each mentoring conversation will start with your desire and willingness to begin letting go of illusory attachment to a personal identity.

The next step is yours. Contact me if you feel the Call.

Shadow on Concrete Wall


"Tom’s coaching provided the opportunity I needed to reconnect with my dreams and goals.  He is a skillful coach with a variety of techniques and strategies that met me where I was and provided the guidance I needed to make the subtle shifts that resulted in significant changes."

Tammy Dorsey/Professional Technology Manager and Writer

"Tom is a completely real and at the same time compassionate coach.  He has and uses many tools, books, styles and life’s lessons and was able to give both myself and the relationship solid ways to get started, explore, and go forward with what I wished to accomplish.  He is someone not afraid of stating what he feels and believes in and at the same time gives each person the ability and challenge to find their own beliefs."

Theresa Mata/L.AC.

"Working with Tom has been a joy and a blessing. Through Tom’s love, light and spirit I have stepped away from my old paralyzing victim behaviors and have embraced new ones of Self liberation and choice. Tom’s connection to spirit and to life is powerful and life changing!"

Gail Hamilton/Author and Former Miss Senior Colorado

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