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Is Actuality Real?

On the evening of October 30, 1938, a 23-year-old budding film maker by the name of Orson Welles directed and narrated a troupe of radio actors to perform a live adapted version of H.G. Wells’ popular book The War of the Worlds. Via the CBS Radio Network, they transformed the 40-year-old novel into an imaginary news alert depicting a Martian invasion of New Jersey. This broadcast caused quite a stir.

Announcements were made during the 60-minute broadcast that the show was an enactment, however many listeners missed the critical opening announcement because they tuned in late. The production was so genuinely delivered as breaking news, it created a tangible and unexpected reaction that led to panic and confusion among many of the estimated 1 plus million listeners.

History has since revealed that the panic was not near as exaggerated as originally reported. However, the New York Daily News did indicate that 15 people were treated for shock in a New Jersey hospital, and a woman in Pittsburg tried to commit suicide upon hearing of the "attack." Many others ran for their cars and fled their homes.

Fast forward 82 years. The United States is now the world’s mightiest super-power. Our collective American consciousness undoubtedly has achieved a level bypassing that of our grandparents and great grandparents’ generation. The likelihood of such a prank news story creating panic in the streets seems highly improbable. We are way too sophisticated to have the wool pulled over our eyes, yes?

We have the luxury of being able to capture quality iPhone and Android videos of every life event possible; which are then interpreted for us by unbiased news experts and social media influencers; and presented back to us by means of 15-30 second soundbites carefully selected to infer the overall context of an important event. Pretty foolproof, yes! What could possibly go wrong?

If you did not catch my tongue-in-cheek attempt at humor in the prior two paragraphs, let me spell it out differently. There are a lot of foxes in the henhouse vying for our blind obedience and allegiance when it comes to the interpretation of life events. The Martian invasion of 1938 has merely morphed into, quite frankly, everything we are dealing with in 2020.

We have reached such an advanced state of Artificial Intelligence, that our basic five human senses are being rendered unreliable for truly accurate assessment. The combination of sophisticated algorithms, quantum computing, incredible video and voice editing techniques, electro-magnetic waves, etc., has thrust us into an Orwellian world of illusions and stunts. Our five human senses are reeling. We are seeing the Matrix movie come to life.

I am not inferring that everything is fake news. I am suggesting that it is becoming increasingly difficult for society to ascertain if something is actual or real. With the impairment of that capability, it makes us vulnerable to manipulation and control. The opportunity to introduce deception has never been easier and more frightfully effective.

With all that said, we are far from defenseless world citizens. While the techniques mentioned above are indeed powerful, they are not infallible. It will take more effort, due diligence, and research on our part to not fall prey to the manipulations. It will also take a commitment to a more time-consuming vetting process utilizing critical thinking. But above all else we need to discern the difference between what is actual versus what is real.

I was introduced to this discernment by a Canadian author named John DeRuiter. He is a teacher who explores, through dialogue and silent connection, the foundations and subtleties of being alive. He encourages and helps people explore their existence, compelling them to know and be what is true, by coming to a place of knowing and core-splitting honesty.

I will give you my interpretation of the discernment – actual represents everything we experience that is of form in the world. Real is beyond the dimension of form. It is that complete knowing of who we truly are.

For myself, that means fully embracing the divine, powerful, eternal, sovereign state of Unified Love. And within that state of knowing, it becomes impossible to be manipulated and controlled by anything in form, regardless of what happens in the actual world.

As we move forward from the confusion and chaos of 2020, I feel it is essential that we learn to quickly expand and deeply trust our sixth sense of intuition and extrasensory perception. Perhaps that is how mass awakening is meant to naturally occur; as our five core senses reach their limit, the sixth emerges in everyone.

To heal the division that has occurred requires finding a common ground. It does not appear this is happening in the actuality of life. Too many opposing agendas are utilizing technology to create any illusion they wish. I lovingly suggest that our greatest solution lies within the real world that is beyond form. For in that space of reality there is nothing but Oneness. And if we focus on touching that Oneness, we can infuse our daily existence with the real understanding that peace and unity is not only possible, but the only thing that is truly real.

With Love ~ Tom LaRotonda


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