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Sovereignty Requires Depth - Part 1

Prior to 2020 most people were leading lives quite differently than today. The invasion of the Covid-19 virus transformed our world inside out. Who thought it would be possible to conduct business, hold concerts, and stay in touch so effectively through the technology of a Zoom call? As that old saying goes – necessity is the mother of invention!

Yes, there is the shadow side that came with it. It took away, at least temporarily, the ability to see smiling faces in a store, giving your best friend a hug, traveling to other countries and the list goes on. In so many ways 2020 is becoming a testament to the incredible ability of human beings to adapt quickly even in the direst circumstances.

From my perspective, based on a lifetime of exploring the treasures of True Unselfish Love, the greatest gift this challenge bestowed upon us was an unparalleled and astonishing spaciousness. We were compelled in many areas of our lives to come to a complete standstill, just like the movie The Day the World Stood Still, but minus the alien visitors.

Realizing that everyone’s situation is unique, the pandemic restrictions provided most of us the commodity of liberated time. And yes, I say commodity as I believe time is our most precious resource. Without our normal routine plus the swift and heightened uncertainty about the future, a capacious void opened allowing us more time to breathe. And that spaciousness came guilt free for we could not be accused of selfishly neglecting our worldly duties. The virus gave us permission to get off the hamster wheel. Go figure!

All it took was for every life to be at stake. The wisdom of the universe knew that only a “slap in the face” dose of reality would slow us down to reassess life. Just like our loved ones who have been diagnosed with cancer or a similar life-threatening disease, we suddenly had a dangerous diagnosis thrust upon us.

After that initial moment of sober reckoning and dealing with the shock wave of disbelief, our human-divine energetic bodies began instinctively Soul searching. Most of us understood what was happening. Others had no clue. There was no escaping it. Confronting any serious end of life threat, our Soul lovingly generates an innate process to bring forth a depth of awareness and meaning to deal with the threat. As they say in battle - there are no atheist in a foxhole.

Throughout our human journey, we become innocently entrapped by the values, beliefs and codes of conduct of the culture we are raised in. This indoctrination has gone on since the beginning of time. The bottom line is, we slowly fall asleep and begin to run on autopilot. Unfortunately, this autopilot efficiency makes us very vulnerable to manipulation and other assorted threats to our human sovereignty.

As infants we start with great spaciousness. Our inner hard drive, the sub-conscious mind, is just starting its accumulation process. That emptiness allows the connection to Source, intuition and higher guidance to flow freely. Infants also have the luxury of time, energy and curiosity to experience life from the depth of that spaciousness. There is little to distract a child from dancing with the Flame of Love that is always within.

Fast forward now to those days just before the announcement of Covid-19. Thinking back, how would you describe your life at that moment? For many it was a life of having too little time, not enough rest, too much to do, paying the bills, raising a family and doing all this at the cost of one’s true dreams. I am aware this is an over simplified generalization, yet I suggest an accurate one. And honestly yet unfortunately…even when sleepwalking we are amazingly good at this.

The questions now before us, individually and collectively, are - Does it have to continue to be this way? Are we ready to truly wake up and take back our sovereignty? And if we are committed to waking up fully, how do we create a sustainable reclamation of that sovereignty in the shadows of a modern world that has gone berserk?

I lovingly suggest that it is done through a practice of diving into the depth of that spaciousness and seeing the world through the eyes of an infant with insatiable curiosity. And in Part 2, coming next week, I will explore with you my thoughts and perspectives on possible ways to do so. Until then be safe and well.

Always Love ~ Tom LaRotonda


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