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2021...The Year of Lemonade

Writing an optimistic outlook amid the most unsettling nine-month stretch in modern world history, especially during the chaos of a highly disputed presidential election, is probably not the easiest choice I could have made. Yet coming on the heels of last week’s message about key life lessons of 2020; I feel compelled to proceed anyway.

For the truth is, ready or not, the wheels in the sky keep on turning. No amount of denial, licking our wounds or burying our heads in the sand can stop the pages of the calendar from unfolding. Regardless of all that has happened, we naturally move ahead in our daily lives.

As far as I know, free will is still a wonderful and powerful asset in our human arsenal. Some claim free will does not exist. And 2020 seems to be building a strong case to bolster their claim. I opted out of that paradoxical debate long ago. It highly fascinated me once upon a time. That is, until I grew exhausted chasing my tail in circles.

I came to a simple resolution by purely accepting the concept of free will because I love the idea. My life moves ahead efficaciously when not bogged down by debates that are highly subjective. That is my Virgo rising sign speaking!

I bring up free will for one primary reason. Without an acknowledgement of its existence, I could easily enter 2021 highly disempowered. For without question, there is much to alarmed about. Of course, politics is dominating the scene. While it has become a bigger factor in my life than ever before, it is not the essential factor that brings about disempowerment in my life.

The essential self-empowerment factor for me has always been about optimizing my creative abilities, gut instincts and positive perspectives to turn lemons that have been thrust upon me into lemonade. I know that is a dated terminology, but I am going with it.

I am not claiming mastery. I have no desire to present myself as an expert guru. I am connecting with all of you as my best friends. And friends, some of the lemonade I made during my life journey to date has tasted downright horrible.

On the other hand, many concoctions came out oh so good and tasty! And in those moments, when it turned out bad or below average, simply conducting a process of turning a negative state into something positive gave me the needed boost to slowly climb out of the deep hole I was in. And it did not matter if that hole found me via my own life choices or was someone else’s doing.

So, getting to the heart of todays reflection, know that I in no way diminish the sadness, disillusionment, and heartache 2020 has brought front and center to everyone. No one was untouched. With that said, if we linger in the anger, the fear, the division and the injustice for much longer we risk getting stuck there. The core of my message is this.

It is time to put aside our judgements and justifications of who is right and who is wrong. Notice I did not say forget about those things. I said put aside. I suggest we focus on the lemons in our personal life and start squeezing out some lemonade.

Once we have restored the momentum of our collective vibrational states to higher levels of consciousness then we can circle back with greater clarity, intention, and wisdom to address what seems impossible to address. It only seems impossible now because our lower minds have been triggered and compromised. We have been drinking the Kool Aid of hate and fear versus the lemonade of Love!

I have seen extraordinarily little evidence that any of the leaders in any field of endeavor has the incentive or courage to lead us in such an endeavor. The lemonade will arise from the masses. It will have to be a grass root effort in my humble opinion. And it will first start with exercising our individual free will to begin moving ahead in our own lives regardless of the chaos and confusion.

We are the ones that must model that courage and common sense. If we start now, we improve the odds of entering 2021 with a powerful wave of momentum. We are the ones we have been waiting for. This is the signature essence of the Aquarian Age…the wisdom and ingenuity of the collective community

I offer this message with much Love and Devotion to our friendship. Thank you for hearing me out. May this message add a small ray of Light to your day.

Blessings ~ Tom LaRotonda


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