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Core Simplicity

Core Simplicity Definition

"The intention, desire, and act of experiencing life fully through the lens of Divine Laws, Unselfish Love, Kindness, and Undistorted Conditioning."

During the lock down period of the Covid-19 pandemic,  I began contemplating a new concept for living which I have labelled as Core Simplicity. I began posting my thoughts on Instagram and it didn't take long before I noticed it resonating and catching the attention of people. As I continued posting thoughts that captured the essence of the concept, my vision of it's potential expanded. Ultimately I see the concepts being taught in schools all across the world.

At the moment it is still in it's embryonic stage. Yet I see it's potential as enormous. As the momentum grows I will expand my dissemination of information regarding it, through this web-site and social media. I have started working on a book that I feel moved to make  available as a free e-book to help spread the word. I have a tentative date of 12/21 to have it ready.

For now I am putting the vision out formally into the  Universe. This page will be it's placeholder for the moment. I invite anyone who is interested to feel free to contact me for a dialogue about it or follow me on Instagram @tomlarotonda.core.simplicity

Thank You ~ Tom LaRotonda

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