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Fully Trust Life

One of the most powerful realizations one can embrace is to fully trust Life. While it is a concept that most spiritual and personal transformation paths deeply espouse, it has slowly evolved to the status of a platitude versus a committed way of living that dramatically reshapes one's entire human experience.

It is rare these days to meet someone who solidly rests in the unshakable faith that Life has their back covered. Yes, we wish it were true. We hope it is true. Many attempt to live it via a modified version in which "calculated" risks are taken, trusting that Life cooperates to a certain level but falls short of offering a full partnership in guiding their destiny.

Without question evidence can be presented as to why it would be foolish to believe that one can unconditionally trust Life. All it takes is a brief listing of one's Life struggles to point out the fallacy of such a lofty ideal. Added to that is the collective mental conditioning that constantly reminds us that Life is a serious and perilous journey with only momentary respites of pleasure.

From it's platitudinous status, we unconsciously treat Life as an adversary blocking our path to joy and happiness. From this perspective, we are constantly analyzing, dissecting, studying, re-engineering, obsessing over, grinding out, plowing through, struggling with, and desperately seeking out worldly strategies cleverly conceived by the mind to help us overcome the unpredictable and uncontrollable nature of Life. Yet the more we cling to these strategies the more entrenched the battle becomes as these strategies rarely work for long.

This is not because mental strategies are carelessly thought out or lack substance. They are in fact quite powerful tools when properly guided. They fail because they are driven by the energy of fear and lack. When we approach Life from a position of fear we immediately separate ourselves from the greatest power in the Universe...the Love that Life offers us unconditionally. We have turned our backs on our greatest friend and ally...Life itself!

This does not mean that what Life brings us will always be pretty and tidy. More times than not is will look quite ugly and messy. It can also be quite painful and scary. But what trusting in Life is truly about, is the absolute knowing that no matter what shows up IS the fullest expression of Love presenting itself to you. It may be the last thing you ever wanted to face. Yet if you will lovingly embrace it as a precious and devoted friend, versus combating it with a worldly fear-based strategy, you will patiently be shown that this friend knows exactly what it is doing and how to expertly guide you to your highest truth...and will never, never let you down. You can then relax in the flow of the river while Life watches out over you with Love, Devotion, and Divine Wisdom.

With Love and Respect ~ Tom

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