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The Infinite Grace of Love

For years I have been an avid student of sacred texts from many, many sources. It is always a delight to absorb the deliciously unique metaphors and stories that are used to describe the divinity of our human experience. At the same time it is deeply comforting to unveil the common threads that wind within each variation. For myself, this commonality always reveals a Truth.

Today I will share a passage from the Upanishads. which are one of the many sacred texts that arise from Indian (India) spirituality. This passage appears in the Tejobindu Upanishad, which is considered one of the minor Upanishads. In this case, minor does not mean of less importance. It simply means it has been less commented on, versus lacking in wisdom or expressive power.

I was quite moved the first time I read these words, and was touched again recently. This comes from a version translated by Eknarth Easwaran. For those unfamiliar with Upanishadic language, Brahman, is the Godhead.

I believe these words may touch many of you deeply. Blessings!

Tejobindu Upanishad (last four verses)

To be united with the Lord of Love

Imperishable, changeless, beyond cause

And effect, is to find infinite joy.

Brahman is beyond all duality,

Beyond the reach of thinker and thought.

Let us meditate on the shining Self,

The ultimate reality, who is

Realized by sages in samadhi.

Brahman cannot be realized by those

Who are subject to greed, fear, and anger.

Brahman cannot be realized by those

Who are subject to the pride of name and fame

Or to the vanity of scholarship.

Brahman cannot be realized by those

Who are enmeshed in life's duality.

But to all those who pierce this duality,

Whose hearts are given to the Lord of Love,

He gives himself through his infinite grace;

He gives himself through his infinite grace.

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