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Spitiyuality Coach In Colorado
Spirituality Coach In Colorado
Spirituality Coach In Colorado


Pocket Love is a quick-reference guide about how LOVE fits into life. We carefully chose the books categories to convey a broad range of our diverse experiences and perspectives.


We hope that our open hearts and this sincere dialogue are of benefit to all those who read these pages.


Tom LaRotonda & Paul Wagner




Only Love is Real: Embracing Pure Simple Love offers a unique and interesting perspective on the concept of love. It looks at the unchallenged myths of worldly love.

The book is not about vastly improving worldly love into something newer, better and bigger. That strategy has gone on for centuries, yet world peace has never been achieved.


This book is Tom’s humble yet dedicated attempt to truly connect with those who will listen, and inspire them to stop and hear the magnificence of their heart; and to put aside the ego’s insane influence and ask one simple question - “What has your strong allegiance to the illusions of this world truly created in your life?”

Only Love is Real: Embracing Pure Simple Love



The Four Elements of An Inspired Life is a small compilation of Tom’s inspirational Core Reflection messages sent out to hundreds of Tom’s weekly readers. This book helps you step into a practical and

realistic life of inspiration by genuinely opening yourself up to new ideas, paradigms and possibilities. It features a foreword written by New York Times bestselling author Neale Donald Walsch, who describes the book as follows:


"What we have here is Swift Wisdom. Brief, pithy chapters, followed by crackling invitations to turn the insights in those chapters in on ourselves through a series of spritely questions that quickly illuminate just where we are and how we can get to where we want to be."

The Four Elements of an Inspired Life



This pocket size version of The Field Guide to Human Personalities provides fun and inspiring insights into a long list of unique and colorful personalities. A great gift idea, these pages can be helpful when exploring aspects of ourselves and the people we interact with most. 





"If you are serious about growing spiritually, emotionally and mentally...make sure to do the 'Self Reflections' at the end of each chapter. We did this in a small group situation and they were life transforming."


(The Four Elements)

This book is a necessary read for all! The author bravely teaches what our culture resists! I will keep this as an active reference book to show others who we truly are, to keep hope alive and Faith strong!"


(Only Love Is Real)

"Unflinching and honest . . . Tom is providing us with a blueprint for how we can live in a world moving in a new direction. This book is not good reading, it is required reading"


(Only Love Is Real)



Tom LaRotonda has dedicated his life to the investigation of what it means to truly live as a love-centered being in this human experience. While the world encourages us to fortify one’s personal identity, Tom’s inner-guru lovingly points him in the opposite direction – to be guided only by one's Divine Nature, the True Self Being.


His ongoing exploration generates experiences that bring about a deep trust and alignment with that Divine Nature. Tom helps others touch and integrate similar experiences that are unique to their True Way of Being.


Tom is an unassuming, caring, and patient guide for anyone committed to breaking the attachment to their personal self-identity. He consistently and lovingly reminds you, via attentive and insightful guided inquiry, of the power of your True Self to be an eternal, limitless, and unconditional expression of Love in the world.



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